Ridge Capital Partners, LLC is an operationally focused private equity firm that has specialized in the acquisition and development of lower middle-market companies since 1992. RCP’s philosophy is to invest long-term equity capital, along with its investment partners, which enables RCP’s management partners to systematically implement monthly, quarterly and annual operational initiatives while also allowing for the execution of the longer-term strategic investment plan.

RCP and its affiliates seek to make controlling equity investments in companies where company owners or executive management are pursuing the following transaction types:

  • Recapitalization
  • Generational changes of ownership
  • Traditional management buy-out
  • Divestiture of corporate division or subsidiary
  • Take private transaction
Zamma Corporation
Wincore Window Company, LLC
Equibrand, LLC

Several of RCP’s partners have a proven track record of successfully leading companies through various stages of growth and development and fully understand the tactical as well as the strategic requirements of growing or stabilizing a business. Given these direct operating experiences, RCP views itself as a true resource for its management partners. Our philosophy is to be an active investor that is prepared to understand the day-to-day dynamics of an investee company so we can assist the business on multiple fronts.

Further, we look to partner with owners/managers based on a buy & hold perspective. As operators we realize that core operational or strategic changes take time to effectively implement. As such, we look to take a longer-term approach to any investment. We believe that a longer-term approach allows the ownership group to 1) construct an informed strategic plan, 2) methodically build or augment the management team, and 3) systematically execute on a prudent operational business plan. RCP’s partners have found that this approach creates industry leading companies, resulting in increased, long-term shareholder value.